“The most coveted cardigan in the world.”

The most coveted cardigan in the world collected by the coolest girls on the planet is back in its boldest incarnation ever.

The new Dita Cardigan set features six limited edition pieces to be worn with a must have sexy, signature Wheels & Dollbaby original stretch satin skirt to complete the look.

Inspired by the chic and sophisticated Mademoiselle of The Manor, each beautiful piece is designed to capture a girl’s every whim and mood.

And, in a show-stopping nod to your inner showgirl, the new Plume de Teese pieces will take your collection to the next level.


The Irma Skirt

The Irma Skirt in Luxurious stretch satin, with velvet covered buttons. Open as high or low as you feel for your perfect reveal.


Mademoiselle T-Bird Blue - Dita Cardigan

Beautiful & Elegant Dita Cardigan in a T-Bird blue to live your vintage fantasy.


Plume de Teese Peach

Ooh la la. Pure showgirl chic in peach. The ultimate tease with sparkling crystal accents.


Mademoiselle Leopard Print - Dita Cardigan

Stunning Dita Cardigan in a Leopard to live your rock n roll vintage fantasy.


Mademoiselle Purple Poison

Royal. Regal. Aloof. Alluring. Dare to wear this extravagantly powerful colour.


Mademoiselle Buttercream - Dita Cardigan

Mademoiselle Buttercream - Dita Cardigan